Two additional pastors have been jailed for the “crime” of continuing with relational shepherding, gathering their church in accordance with the commands of scripture and without medical discrimination. As Pastor Aaron Rock describes in a relevant article “It is selfish and irresponsible for leaders to abandon the known needs of their flock to mitigate against the unknown outcome of a virus.”


To abandon their flock, would be to go against their conscience and the call of their God. Further, this is a complete violation of freedom of religion, peaceful assembly, conscience, and association.


These abhorrent actions by governments must never become normalized. The officials perpetrating these acts must hear from thousands of Canadians. 






Please contact the following, by email and where feasible, phone. If you want guidance on what to say and the reasons why, Pastor Steve Richardson does an excellent job in this article



1. Your Own MP: Addresses


New Brunswick – Pastor Phil Hutchins:

2. St John Police chief -   506-648-3200

3. NB Minister Of Justice - Hugh Flemming.  506-848-5440 


4. MB Premier – Blaine Higgs  506-453-2144


Manitoba – Pastor Tobias Tissen:


5. Steinback RCMP - 204-326-4452

6. MB Minister of Justice - Cameron Friesen 204-945-3728


7. MB Premier - Kelvin Goertzen 204-945-3714


7.     MB Minister of Justice - Cameron Friesen 204-945-3728