The Great Canadian Reset


Most of you have by now heard of ‘The Great Reset.’ Certainly our Prime Minister has been talking of this wonderful opportunity to be born out of the COVID-19 experience. I want to take a few minutes and discuss this opportunity.

As you are aware, during this rolling lockdown in Ontario, there seem to be three factions within society: those who adamantly maintain that these total lockdowns are required in order to protect us all; those who adamantly maintain that the lockdowns are unconstitutional and create greater harm for society than contracting the virus, and the majority of people who sit somewhere in the middle.

So what have the lockdowns done so far? Initially, last March there seemed to be much wisdom in locking down our country. While staying home for a month was certainly a challenge, it was also an opportunity for families to reconnect with their children and spouses with one another. Of course, for individuals and families dealing with pre-existing mental illness issues, the lockdown often meant a serious decline in mental health. As communities we seemed to deal fairly positively with the initial lockdown. What has happened since that time though is a different story. The conflicting instructions from our chief public health officer had many questioning the logic of her instructions.

The conflicting medical reports on the efficacy of isolating and quarantine for the healthy, along with the wearing of masks and benefits of complete lockdown of society have left many common folk scratching their heads, while the contagion of fear propagated by main stream media has tightened its grip. Along with this we’re witnessed social media’s attempt to shut out any voices that would question the validity of the need to constantly besiege us with ‘COVID’ news, to the exclusion of much of what else is happening around the world. The media fixation is much like what happened after 9/11 – but lasting longer.

More and more people are beginning to question political policies and are wondering what on all earth is happening to our nation. More are standing up, and speaking out about the long term ramifications which I spoke about in my last article. More churches and small businesses are questioning the validity of big box stores, such as Costco and Walmart being wide opened for business, while they must remain under lockdown restrictions.

This questioning has particularly escalated since last weekend’s unconstitutional kidnapping and detainment of Nikki Mathis, by the ‘quarantine police’ in Calgary, Alberta.[1] Of course, main stream media didn’t shout that headline, but instead downplayed the whole event – as did many MPs (my own included).

So what is this really all about? Supposedly the lockdowns are deescalating infections? Why the need for quarantine camps? Why the need to accost Canadian citizens in such a manner after months of imposing restrictions?

Well, this brings me to “The Great Reset”. In June of 2020, Klaus Schwab, founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, published COVID-19: The Great Reset. In a nut shell, this book, while selling COVID-19 as a great opportunity for equalization, community, environmental protection and world peace, is actually suggesting the ushering in the doctrine of socialism under the auspices of a macro-economic reformation with global governance.

As Schwab states: “The spread of infectious diseases has a unique ability to fuel fear, anxiety and mass hysteria” (pg 14). COVID-19 will kill far fewer people than the great Plagues, however the impact of this pandemic will go beyond those who are symptomatic and those who have died. It will cause mass unemployment and bankruptcies worldwide. “We should take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity,” he continues. In his macro reset discussion he outlines a complex grid that places climate change and extreme weather as the top risk factors in the world. We’ve heard this before, and those who are adherents of the now defunct ‘global warming’ ideology will be quick to adhere to his philosophy.

I believe it’s time we all took a step back and looked at the long-range forecast. Again, according to Schwab, ‘the containment of the coronavirus pandemic will necessitate a global surveillance network” and an “economic reset” as a clash between public health and economics escalates.

Hence this becomes the opportunity to restructure whole economies and nations to fit (in the name of social justice) a global socialism agenda. He goes on to outline his prescription for the world to radically change cultures. COVID-19 has almost overnight, done what climate change activists were struggling to accomplish, in succeeding to alter perceptions. “That which would have been an anathema just a few years ago – that governments can further the public good while running economics without supervision can wreak havoc on social welfare may now become the norm.” (91) “Looking to the future, Schwab indicates, governments will most likely…decide that it’s in the best interest of society to rewrite some of the rules of the game and permanently increase their role”

At this point I have only scratched the surface of Schwab’s great reset, but to the thoughtful reader the trajectory accomplished via the current COVID-19 crisis is blaringly obvious.

This, reality of realignment of governments and world economies, is I believe, why many people in Canada are now less willing to continue to subjugate to government overreach.

I firmly agree with Conservative Member of Parliament, Pierre Poilievre who says “this is not a time to reengineer society. It’s a time to get people safely and securely back to work… not a time for government to take the opportunity to massively expand its powers at the expense of Canadian’s freedoms.”[2]

[1] Alberta: Nikki Mathis just tested negative for COVID again and is still being held ( [2] (1) Stop the Socialist Reset - YouTube